Digital Fluency

When I think of digital fluency, I think back to what I knew about computers as a child and what I know now. As the technology advances, so does the skills of the new generations. Or so I thought.

What does it mean to be digitally fluent? From the information that I’ve gathered, what seems to be apparent is that it is the ability to discover, design and construct ideas in a technological world.

In a report by (Bartlett and Miller 2011) young people were at risk of being manipulated on the internet. In other words children do not understand how to sift through ‘junk’ and get to the reliable information.

In order to make sure our future generations become more digitally fluent, we need to give them the tools to help them (Bartlett and Miller 2011) tell us that we need to turn children into critical thinkers and teach them how to filter out programs such as Wikipedia when looking for reputable information. In another article written by (Bartlett and Miller 2012,17) the key findings were very interesting. Teachers rated their students digital fluency as poor and 99 percent of teachers agreed that critically assessing information on the internet was very important and should be of the utmost importance in the National Curriculum.

In conclusion it seems that with the rise of the internet, we are struggling to keep up and because of this, we need to make sure that our children are given the tools to help understand the wide world of the internet.

Bartlett, J. and Miller, C. 2011. “Truth, lies and the internet a report into young people’s digital fluency.”Demos, London.

Miller, C. and Bartlett, J. 2012. ‘Digital fluency’: towards young people’s critical use of the internet. Journal of Information Literacy, 6(2), pp. 35-55.

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